My Story

Welcome to Rawkure's page! My name is Mariam Hourani, and I am a self taught chef & a food lover.

As a Middle Easterner, I grew up in a family that believed in the power of food, especially in strengthening and nourishing the body. Food brings us together no matter our backgrounds. The past eight years, I have suffered from chronic abdominal pain with different diagnosis from different doctors around the world. This is when my frustrating and long, yet rewarding health journey started and I decided to change my lifestyle and eating habits, it was only until then I was able to finally get rid of my pain. I rebuilt my immunity and healed my gut by eliminating refined sugar, dairy, gluten, eggs and all processed foods. Surely, none of that happened overnight, but my deep urge to seek the root cause of any disease rather than accepting prescriptions to silence the pain, helped me speed through the process. 

I am certified in Nutrition Science at StanFord University . I have a great interest in herbalism, and the more I studied, the more I practiced. I learned to make food that is healing and good, into food that is tasty and delicious while keeping all the elements of health in them. My family and I have a sweet tooth, so I always need to get creative in the kitchen. It is a challenge I love to wake up to everyday. I hope you enjoy our food as much as we enjoy making them for you.


Founded in 2018, Rawkure was born out of a need to cater to the growing demand in the market for healthy desserts that are low in inflammation. In today’s hectic life, we are so busy chasing our ambitions and dreams. We often forget to take a step back to focus on our health.

Life is moving fast and we are always trying to keep up with it. Making healthy foods tasty and available is a passion of mine, and this is why I decided to turn my passion into a business, providing plant based wholesome foods, snacks and desserts that are anti-inflammatory, delicious and nutritious.

We are a home grown bakery specialized in organic desserts & pastry produced in a gluten free boutique facility. All our wholesome products are free from gluten, refined sugar, refined oils. artificial colorings, dairy, eggs, and any animal products.

In less than 2 years of operations we have expanded across the U.A.E , becoming a favorite go to desserts and snacks brand.

 You do not have to be on a specific diet to enjoy Rawkure. Our creations cater to anyone who wants to ‘eat good to feel good’. All ages will enjoy indulging in these mouthwatering foods that have been prepared with so much conscience.